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NO Effects

As a Nobel Prize winning molecule, NO has its magical powers. NO is an endogenous signaling molecule in the body, which can act on neighboring peripheral neurons such as protruding anterior nerve endings and astrocytes, related with memory enhancement and learning. Moreover, NO is a potent antimicrobial agent, which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. Coupled with its role of signal molecules, it can sterilize and establish a micro-ecology to promote local nutrition and growth. The success of the "NO Slow Releasing" technology makes the commercialization of NO products achievable.

INOfree Magic Color Mask

The unique INOfree Magic Mask changes its colors when it slowly releases NO molecule to kill bacteria accumulated on the masks. The degree of color-changes correlates to the NO effect. This fun product brings together fashion, art and biological function to our customers.

INOfresh to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

NO is a highly reactive free radical gas that is well known to be involved in resisting vegetative stress and senescence of horticultural products. Short-term exposure to a low concentration of NO gas or its donor compounds is able to extend the post-harvest life of various fresh fruits and vegetables.

INOsteel Topical Nitrogen Pump

This is the only domestic commercial productof external nitrogen pumps with patented formula, which slowly releases NO in the applied dermal areas.This product is suitable for pre-training usage which brings a powerful surge of heat immediately activates muscle responsiveness.

INOflow Antibacterial spray

NO is an endogenous signaling molecule that is biocompatible.Reduced NO concentration in the nasal cavity is often observed in people suffering chronic rhinitis. INOflow helps those people to restore NO levels by mixing NO-releasing molecules with traditional deep seawater.