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A series of brands are developed to solve the infection and thrombosis problems of catheters and other implanted devices based on NO’s antibacterial and antithrombotic functions.
Novlead designs and manufactures medical grade nitric oxide slow-releasing polymer coatings for medical and non-medical applications. Because nitric oxide is an endogenous signal pathway in the human body, its safety is far superior to other chemical materials.

NOVLIZ ureteral tube with NO coating
Nitric Oxide has proved to be a more effective antibacterial agent than silver ions.It can sterilize and decompose the formed biofilmwhich is the root cause of antibiotic resistance. The current infection rate is much higher than expected and the current solutionis the coating of antibiotics or silver ions on the surface of ureteral tubes. NO-releasing coating materials have competitive advantages.

NOTA prosthesis filling with NO coating
Novlead's nitric oxide slow-releasing material can be filled into the cavity of the prosthesis in the form of a solution to achieve a controlled antibacterial and anticoagulant effect. Most infections occur within a few days to a month after the surgery. We have confirmed the stable and sustained release of NO for over one month.

Novlead is also exploring in the technology transfer or cooperation in the coating of bone cement, implantable catheters and other medical products. We hope that through our continuous research and development of polymer materials with optimized formulations, we can apply the antimicrobial effects of NO to various medical scenarios and help to prevent antibiotic abuse.