The technology

Novlead's core NO technology is divided into two categories, one of which is the sustained release technology based on NO donors. Our advantages in donor design, development and process production, combined with in-depth research on various loading materials and technologies allow us to provide NO sustained-releasing materials in response to different needs to achieve anticoagulation and antimicrobial effect.

Product applications

• It is designed to treat pulmonary hypertension caused by various reasons, pulmonary fibrosis and COPD in the combined use with different models of ventilators. N200 senses the output gas changes in milliseconds which then advises the NO reaction in real-time to respond to the patient’s inhale and exhale pattern.

• gNOped uses photolysis and real-time feedback technology to generate NO gas with controllable flow rate and concentration, which can be used for wound healing and treating diabetic feet.