gNOped nitric oxide wound-healing gas therapy device series

Relying on the proven mechanism of nitric oxide to expand blood vessels, resist infection, and heal wounds, gNOped focuses on the clinical treatment of diabetic foot ulcer, which has a very poor prognosis. Overall engineering design has been implemented from gas generation to air chamber circulation, to ensure the precise circulation of nitric oxide acts on the complex wound surface, thereby sterilizing the wound surface, promoting the microcirculation and accelerating the healing process.
As another series of nitric oxide portable product, gNOped is innovative, with convenient operation and user-friendly design, and has a variety of different parameter configurations for the primary-level patients with diabetic foot ulcer disease. The touch screen based on the operating system can quickly adjust the treatment concentration, which can facilitate long-term continuous treatment, and bring a relatively more comfortable and convenient treatment experience to patients, doctors and users. The product has completed a multi-center clinical pre-trial. The pre-trial showed that nitric oxide wound-healing gas therapy can improve the microcirculation of the lower extremity for patients with obvious deterioration of the lower extremity microcirculation; for severe and recurrent chronic old wounds, the therapeutic effect of the gas therapy is significant.