The technology

Novlead has a variety of core technologies to produce NO gas. Through slow-release control technology, NO gas can be produced without any harmful impurities, at sustained and stable concentrations in real time. Concentrations of produced NO gas are adjustable as needed. The produced NO gas is a safe-and-reliable portable NO gas source for various indications (e. g. pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis), when either inhaled directly or connected to other devices like ventilators, ECMO, etc.

Product applications

• INOwill N200 can efficiently catalyze high-purity NO gas with precise and adjustable concentration and no harmful by-products in the presence of a specific catalyst through the application of current / voltage.

• gNOped polymer material based on NO micro-reaction formula decomposes under the action of specific wavelengths of light to obtain the concentration of NO gas required for high-purity treatment. It has low cost and is suitable for the convenience of gas therapy. It can be used for treating diabetic foot and helping with wound healing.