The wonders of NO

• NO, as a "Miracle molecule", was found to be a signaling molecule and cardiovascular special drug in the body after being used for more than a century. NO is an endogenous gas molecule, through L-Argnine Produced by nitric oxide synthase (NOS), it is widely present in the human body and participates in various physiological processes.

• Nitric oxide provides unique medical benefits. Until decades ago, the therapeutic effects of this naturally occurring molecule remained a mystery. Nitric oxide acts as a signaling molecule that helps to dilate arteries and accelerate the delivery of oxygen to cells.

• Nitric oxide can kill microorganisms that infect cells, and promote wound healing through the regulation of the body's microenvironment and the role of growth promoting factors. As a polymer material, some donors of NO are a very outstanding new antibacterial coating material and have broad prospects in medicine. Scientists are currently exploring other new applications of nitric oxide.

• Nitric oxide should not be confused with the laughing gas (i.e. nitrous oxide, N2O).

• In March 2020, the US FDA has approved NO gas as a new treatment for coronavirus. A large number of coronavirus treatments and scientific research have also been carried out in China and many European countries.