Various applications based on NO physiological effects

Nitric oxide (NO) is an endogenous mediator of vascular tone and host defense. Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) can cause preferential pulmonary vasodilation and reduce pulmonary vascular resistance. This is the most recognized medical application of NO, and it is also the core value that Novlead Biotech will establish. Also NO has many potential medical mechanisms and uses to be developed. A large number of studies have shown that NO has antibacterial and antiviral capabilities. Nitric oxide participates in the regulation of immune pathways and produces strong oxidizing substances to prevent infection by controlling blood flow in skin capillaries. NO is also produced when the skin is injured or damaged, and plays a vital role in the process of wound healing. NO is also an endogenous signaling molecule, which exists not only in humans but also in plants. NO delays the maturity of fresh fruits and vegetables and can enhance the resistance of fruits and vegetables to postharvest diseases.

The technology

Medical knowledge of the physiological function of NO does is less than 20 years, the lack of an industrialized controlled release of NO served as a technical barrier. After years of research and collaboration with Professor Mark Meyerhoff's laboratory at the University of Michigan, Novlead has successfully overcame this obstacle.
Based on our patented technology, Novlead provides a revolutionary portable all-in-one instant generation system that can generate nitric oxide on demand at a specified concentration and flow rate. The system can be converted into different types of equipment to meet different medical needs, including PPHN, COPD and diabetic foot. It is also possible to innovatively design non-medical generators to be used in the refrigerator to kill bacteria and keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

In addition to a series of NO generators, we also develop NO-releasing polymer materials to be used in antibacterial coatings and wound healing sprays. The industrial application in the field of dermatology has seen early signs of great potential. Pet care is another good application.

Product applications

• The INOfree series self-cleaning color-changing mask contains a patented NO halo release polymer material, which can prevent microbial contamination after several hours of use and can produce a visible color change effect.

• INOflow series nasal sprays produce a physiologically therapeutic NO concentration in the nasal cavity, which helps relieve the symptoms of chronic rhinitis.

• Our portable nitric oxide generator and delivery system can turn into various device types by design in order to address both medical and nonmedical needs. Potential applications may include cosmetics, pet care, vegetables and fruits preservation.