INOwill N200(Portable NO Generators)

INOwill produces high-purity NO gas in real time, replacing the existing NO steel cylinder, which brings advantages in portability and cost. At the same time, there are several obvious product characteristics:
• Intelligent system: NO gas can be generated immediately on demand, delivered precisely to the patient device, and controlled by multiple gas sensors and flow controller.
• Safety: Novlead believes safety is of the utmost importance. We will provide high purity medical nitric oxide gas.
• Portable: a portable generator that uses indoor air to create NO, which is easy to use; it does not require bulky high-pressure steel cylinders as an air source, and no special storage conditions. This will make ambulatory and home use solutions feasible in the future.
• Cost-effectiveness: the cost of inhaled nitric oxide therapy will be greatly reduced .
• Easy to use: the “gas generator module” is very easy for replacement and its life span equals several gas tanks in supply.